What is Interline?

Interline Travel is a privilege offered to active or retired employees of an IATA/ARC appointed airline, allowing travel at deeply discounted prices.

Eligibility can vary depending on the supplier, but in general Interline rates are available to:

  •      Active or retired airline employees
  •      Airline employee’s spouse
  •      Airline employee’s dependent children (21 or younger)
  •      Retired employee of a defunct airline (Eligibility is limited to select suppliers)
  •      Airline employee’s parents and in-laws, traveling with or without the airline employee (Eligibility is  limited to select suppliers)
  •      Employee of a courier company such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, Airborne Express (Eligibility is limited to select suppliers)
  •      Employee of the FAA or an air traffic controller (Eligibility is limited to select suppliers)
  •      Non-airline friends and companions are eligible for the interline rate when sharing accommodations with an airline employee, and in some cases a 2nd cabin can be obtained.
  •      Employee of Global Distribution Systems (GDS) (Eligibility is limited to select suppliers)
  •      Active military, retired military, or honorably discharged (Eligibility is limited to select suppliers)


A clear and legible copy of the employee’s ID badge must be submitted at the time of booking an interline rate. Either scan and fax, email, or upload it via our website. Some lines also require a “Letter of Employment Verification on company letterhead” from your airline. This letter must provide the employee’s name, employee number and other requested information. In the case of eligible relatives, relationship to employee must be stated. Please check our ELIGIBILITY page for each lines specific requirements.


Interline rates are not always available for every sailing or date. The best time to check if we have a sailing you are interested in would be approximately 2 to 3 months in advance. Occasionally we do have dates further out, so please let us know if you have a specific sailing you would like us to watch for you.

It is a myth that you get the best rates at the last minute, over the last few years “interline” travel has changed, and now in most cases the closer we get to departure, the fare actually goes up. Of course, there are exceptions, and there will always be great deals close to sailing IF there are cabins available. If you have a specific sailing in mind, and are not flexible we highly suggest booking 2 to 3 months before departure.

Repositioning cruises are a great deal, and these can often be purchased relatively close to sailing for a substantial discount.


Interline rates are final once purchased, this is the cruise lines policy, and is the same policy as bookings made at standard rates. We suggest you purchase your vacation at the time you are comfortable with the price.

Note: Failure to provide valid proof of eligibility will result in a revision of cruise fare to the lowest non-interline rate available or cancellation of booking with all penalties imposed.